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Experience Reports

What can you expect when you start working? What are your strengths? The following first-hand experience reports show you what new graduates have experienced at LANXESS.

Trainee Program

Stefanie Zitzen

HR Trainee

“As a trainee, I particularly like the variety, because I switch locations and responsibilities on a regular basis.”


Christian Schopen

Marketing Trainee

“We enjoy considerable attention as trainees and get involved – right from the outset.”


Kelly Yip

Controlling Trainee

“What I particularly liked about being a trainee was that I was given responsibility early on because the hierarchies at LANXESS are very flat”


Oxana Gudakovskaya

Finance Trainee

“Up until now I have been warmly welcomed into each department and completely integrated in the work processes.”


Direct Entry

Tobias Nicke

Internal Auditor

“The work with international colleagues is exciting and an opportunity to get to know foreign cultures from the inside.”


Dr. Sylvia Kirchberg

Technical Manager

“LANXESS is a very diversified company, with a variety of business areas ..."

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Valentin Stelzer

Process Engineer

“The decision for LANXESS wasn't a difficult one to make.”



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