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Experience Report

Kelly Yip

Controlling Trainee

How I joined the Trainee Program at LANXESS:

After graduation, I was looking for a trainee program with a young and dynamic company. I wanted to see different facets of a corporation and get to know many employees within the company at the same time.

Compared with a direct entry, the trainee program has the advantage that you work in different areas, gain diverse insights into the company and as such, can build up your very own network. A nice description that I adopted was that one can "sniffle around" everywhere as a "puppy".

Of course, this doesn't mean that you only absorb information during the trainee period. It is expected that you assume responsibility with your own projects, demonstrate commitment and contribute new ideas and as such master the jobs within the different assignments successfully.

Kelly Yip

Controlling Trainee

“What I particularly liked about being a trainee was that I was given responsibility early on because the hierarchies at LANXESS are very flat”

My assignments:

During the trainee program I worked on assignments in both Corporate Controlling as well as in the Business Unit Controlling. In Corporate Controlling I worked in the department Planning/Forecasting & Transfer Pricing as well as in the area Management Reporting & Business Analysis. I completed further assignments in the Controlling of the Business Units Performance Butadiene Rubbers in Switzerland, Inorganic Pigments in Krefeld-Uerdingen and Butyl Rubber in Singapore.

I worked through many different areas at LANXESS. Although I always worked in Controlling, the range of responsibilities was extensive. At the start of the trainee program I didn't expect to be spending a large part of the 18 months abroad and that I would benefit from so much international experience.

This is what I say to family & friends about my current responsibilities:

In the meantime I have landed in my "final destination", in Corporate Controlling.  This department was one of those I worked in during the trainee program for two months, and which I thoroughly enjoyed. I chose this job deliberately.

Thanks to the trainee program I became familiar with the very different atmospheres between Corporate Controlling and Business Unit Controlling which is a great help to me in my day-to-day work because I have a lot of contact with the Business Units. My current job involves analysing the group's business and identifying trends early on, in order to provide these as a basis for management decisions.

What makes my work at LANXESS special:

What I particularly liked about being a trainee was that I was given responsibility early on because the hierarchies at LANXESS are very flat. The international aspect is also very important to me and means that I can stay in contact with colleagues worldwide.

Three (or four) words that describe LANXESS:

High Corporate Identity

My "special LANXESS moment":

At the beginning of my first foreign assignment in Switzerland I was met at the station by a colleague from the Human Resources department. He showed me how to get to my new apartment and then took me to the supermarket.

I hadn't been expecting such a nice reception and I felt at home right away. It was also a windy and cold day. So I was all the more pleased that I didn't have to walk around alone.

What advice can I give a new trainee on his/her first day:

Look forward to an exciting 18 months and use every day to get to know LANXESS and its employees a little better!


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