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Experience Report

Oxana Gudakovskaya

Finance Trainee

How I joined the Trainee Program at LANXESS:

Eight months ago, I started working as a finance trainee at LANXESS and I am very pleased that I decided to do so. Thanks to the 18-month trainee program I have the opportunity to work in different departments in the key areas Treasury and Accounting, as well as other areas such as Internal Auditing or Investor Relations.

I was also really interested in completing a foreign assignment in Asia or Latin America. On top of this, it was very important for me that the company is both dynamic and has an international bias, because when I applied for the position I only had two years of experience in Germany as part of my Master's degree to my name.

Oxana Gudakovskaya

Finance Trainee

“Up until now I have been warmly welcomed into each department and completely integrated in the work processes.”

My assignments:

Following the introductory week, I completed the "work shadowing" assignment in the adipic acid plant in Krefeld-Uerdingen. For three weeks I had the unique opportunity of experiencing the core business at LANXESS in the early, late and night shifts. After this, I then spent two months in my "home port" Treasury in the Financial Controlling and Planning team. I was involved here from the outset both in the major project for the introduction of the fully-integrated treasury system as well as in the smaller project for liquidity planning.

My second assignment took me into the internal auditing group. I participated here independently in audits of all German as well as foreign companies  and worked on improvement suggestions for various processes with experienced colleagues. At present I am working in Corporate Accounting and soon I will be returning to the Treasury group, but this time into the Risk and Cash Management team. A short assignment in the Investor Relations group is also planned so that I can gain experience and insights into the LANXESS capital markets communications area.

At the end of the year a foreign assignment is scheduled with the Treasury department in Sao Paolo, which I am already looking forward to particularly!

This is what I say to family & friends about my current responsibilities:

At present I am working in different departments in the financial area and every three months I have to explain my job to my family and friends anew. I am currently supporting the Corporate Accounting team with the quarterly and monthly final account preparation. In the final week of this assignment I will be supporting the newly acquired business with the integration of accounting processes into the corporate system.

What makes my work at LANXESS special:

LANXESS places great value on the ideas and commitment of its employees. By actively implementing the so-called "Formula X" –  Engage in simplicity, find solutions, accelerate progress, assume responsibility –  the company is always lively and courageous. This is what makes the work in each area of finance so exciting.

On top, the confidence entrusted into me is a tremendous motivational factor, because as a trainee you are assigned important projects right from the outset, which you have to - or can - complete pretty much on your own. This project work allows not only training on-the-job, but also early networking opportunities with different corporate departments. And having an experienced mentor at my side gives me the positive feeling of being in a good position

What makes my colleagues at LANXESS special:

In addition to the diverse and varied jobs and the extensive network, it is mainly the people at LANXESS who make starting out on a career so pleasant and easy. Up until now I have been warmly welcomed into each department and completely integrated in the work processes. On top of the subject-related  skills conveyed to me by colleagues, I also benefit from the soft skills of my experienced colleagues.

Three (or two!) words that describe LANXESS:

Always exciting!

My "special LANXESS moment":

Following a presentation by the operations manager in the adipic acid plant it became clear to me just how long my "relationship" with LANXESS has already existed for: It is fascinating to see how many end products we see and use every day, that have "LANXESS inside". For example, adipic acid is an interim product for nylon stockings. Something that my female colleagues and I are well acquainted with.

What advice can I give a new trainee on his/her first day:

Be prepared:  The next 540 days are going to be anything but dull!


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