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Tips for your Application

Guidelines for a successful application

Would you like to work hard at and contribute your creativity to LANXESS? Then take the time you need to perfect your application. After all, it is your "business card" and the door-opener leading to your dream job.

We have compiled the most important tips to make up a successful application for you here in order to smooth out your path up to the interview stage.

We look forward to meeting you and wish you every success!

Your online application

Your online application

We deliberately avoid using paper in our application process. If you submit your application online we can process it faster and at the same time make a contribution to protecting the environment. The best way is to apply directly via the LANXESS online portal, which is where you can upload all of the important files. The following documentation is obligatory:

  • Letter of application
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • relevant certificates, testimonials or references and qualifications

Please note that any documents you send as attachments may not exceed a 2 MB limit. We recommend that you send attachments in PDF format. There are several free programs available on the internet that you can use to convert or join documents. We do, however, also accept Word documents.

Tip: Limit yourself to sending relevant information

Please only send us certificates and testimonials or references that show us you are best qualified for your dream job, and avoid a "data salad". For example, it makes sense to refer to a longer period spent abroad or a language course if you are applying for an international position.

Tip: Stay formally impeccable

Only attach files that can be opened on any standard computer. Make sure that your documentation meets the formal requirements, that all documents are legible and do not contain any formatting or spelling mistakes. Clearly structured documents make a good overall impression.

The letter

The letter

The first thing the Human Resources department will look at is your letter. Compose it as individually as you can.

Tip: Short and sweet

Your letter should be to the point and not longer than one DIN A4 page. We want to know why you are interested in LANXESS, what your career objectives are and which experience you will be bringing with you for the desired position.

Tip: Specific instead of clichéd

What constitutes you as a person, what are you proud of? The more specifically you describe your assets, the better we can see if you fit the job. Always refer deliberately here to your dream job that you are applying for: Why are you the right person for us and for this role?

The curriculum vitae

The curriculum vitae

Your curriculum vitae gives us the overview we need about your history and experience. The normal, but not obligatory, sequence is: 1) Personal information, 2) Education with main areas and grades, 3) career or work experience, 4) additional qualifications. Be prepared to explain any gaps in your curriculum vitae – either in the letter or in a personal interview.

Tip: Highlights instead of lists

The structure of your curriculum vitae should be easily recognisable at a glance. So it is important to mention all the important points in your life, but to highlight the relevant, interesting aspects.

Tip: Focus on your strengths

Always try to make connections between your strengths or experience with the job requirements. You can gain plus points by doing this. For example, a voluntary commitment demonstrates a responsible attitude – this is a special skill, especially for beginners, that makes you stand out from the rest.

The application photo

The application photo

In Germany the photo on your application also contributes to the overall impression that you make. So applicants should note the following advice:

Tip: Professional instead of amateur

The photo should definitely be taken by a professional photographer, preferably in a photographic studio. The photographer can advise you about which one to choose - or ask friends for help: Which photo best reflects your personality?

The interview or Assessment Center

The interview or Assessment Center

Congratulations if you have been invited to a personal interview, telephone interview or to an Assessment Center! We would like to get to know you better. You should always be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What were your previous responsibilities and challenges?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do you expect from the position for which you have applied?
  • What do you expect from LANXESS and what are your wishes for your future?

In a personal interview we will present the company to you, explain our benefits and the position. Interviews can last between one hour and one day – depending upon whether or not a presentation or a site tour is on the agenda. Assessment Centers generally last for one whole day. If you are invited to attend an assessment centre, we will inform you in good time before the date of the agenda and possible subjects as well as about who you will be speaking to. As such, you will be able to prepare yourself thoroughly.

Tip: Get to know LANXESS beforehand

Prior to the interview you should find out more about LANXESS as preparation on our homepage. Your knowledge will show us that you are serious about your application.

Tip: Stay authentic

We are interested in your personality. This includes your motivation for choosing your degree course, your previous work experience and qualifications. What do you enjoy, what are your objectives?

Tip: Closing gaps

You should be prepared to discuss any longer breaks in your curriculum vitae – and above all demonstrate how you motivated yourself for new objectives following a dismissal or in a waiting period.

Tip: Ask questions

Your questions show us how thoroughly you have prepared for the interview and that you are curious about the job. Questions also give you the opportunity to influence the course of the interview discussion. Ask specific questions about possible responsibilities, development opportunities and corporate divisions. After all, it is not only you who is on the test bench, but also your potential employer.


Please contact us in case of any questions. We appreciate to help you.