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Diversity & Inclusion

LANXESS launched the "Diversity & Inclusion" initiative in 2011. This underscores the company's intention to promote equal opportunity and work/life balance in the traditionally male-dominated chemical industry.

LANXESS interprets diversity as an optimal mix of nationalities, cultures and life experience. At present, the company's senior management - the level below the management board - represents 16 nations. Only a company that is diversified in this way can understand global markets. Inclusion describes an organization, which values and utilizes this diversity by actively developing and supporting the skills of all its different employees.

In a first project phase, a global analysis examined how diverse the company is in terms of the gender, nationality and age of its workforce. Around one third of LANXESS employees in Germany are below the age of 40.

"The long-term implementation of a global diversity and inclusion management system will underscore our attractiveness as an employer, create equality of opportunity and bring the company both strategic and financial benefits," said LANXESS Labor Director and Management Board Member Rainier van Roessel.

Percentage of women in middle and top management should climb to 20 percent by 2020

LANXESS launches an interim corporate objective for a percentage of women for middle and top management worldwide. By the year 2020, the company should voluntarily fill 20 percent of these positions with women. At present this share is almost 15 percent. Overall some 18 percent of more than 16,000 employees worldwide are women.

30 projects initiated worldwide

Numerous human resources processes have been reviewed and extended as part of the LANXESS Management Board initiative. A total of 30 projects are being coordinated and supported worldwide.





Care leave concept introduced

As part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion, LANXESS is one of the first companies in Germany to introduce a care leave concept. Since spring 2012, the company provides its employees with more time and financial freedom to care for sick family members. It also offers individual counseling to these employees. This support is tailored flexibly to employees' individual needs.


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