Encouraging performance -
accompanying development

Further Training & Development

The best opportunities for career fulfilment

As a global corporation, LANXESS offers diverse perspectives and career paths with a wide variety of tasks as well as excellent development and promotion opportunities. We focus here on our employees' flexibility.

The principle of "being transmissible" applies in all business units and group functions: Committed employees can move between the individual business units and in this way, address new challenges and gain insights into the corporation as a whole. Our low fluctuation levels are a reflection of the attractive development opportunities by our company. In 2012 the worldwide quota – based on the number of employees who resigned of their own accord – was just four percent, in Germany under one percent.

Learn and gain new experiences

Be it for young professionals, experienced professionals or management staff – we invest consistently in further vocational training and development. We want to build up our employees' skills along their entire career paths, promoting international exchanges and facilitating the knowledge transfer between the employees.

In addition to the regular offerings for training courses and vocational training there is also a whole range of informal training courses such as introductory days, peer-to-peer coaching and the exchange of experiences between younger and older employees. In the LANXESS Summer Academy we encourage further training, networking as well as personal development in the form of seminars, fascinating presentations and a varied evening program. The program is aimed at employees from different job areas – from commercial staff to chemists and engineers.

Encouraging and developing talents

LANXESS prefers to fill management positions from within the company. At our global personnel development conferences we regularly identify suitable potential candidates for management positions, who we then encourage and support individually. This is backed up by a systematic and multi-level process designed to assess the potential of those employees who are being considered for the top management functions.

On top of this we also prepare potential management staff  for their later responsibilities in the LANXESS Academy in special programmes. The LANXESS Academy also offers other courses, for example, for our global sales employees. This is where we develop our sales employees' expertise and social skills.