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International Opportunities

Opportunities across the globe

More than 16,000 employees from 70 different nations work for LANXESS across the globe in 29 countries. Diversity, internationalism and inter-cultural skills shape our corporate culture. As a globally-operating corporation we offer our employees the chance to gain international experience – be it as a trainee, young manager, project member or experienced manager.

For example, we recruit particularly highly-qualified graduates every year who spend several months abroad and work on international projects as part of our Trainee Program. Under the motto "Prepare for the Future" we want to prepare our trainees for global careers at LANXESS.

Engineers make valuable contributions working on our projects in Asia, Brazil or South Africa and our management employees ensure that the know-how is transferred to our LANXESS country holdings.

So internationalism at LANXESS has many faces. We encourage the knowledge transfer across national boundaries, because a strong global team lives from people with international experience.

In 2014 alone, some four percent of our specialist and management staff worked outside their home countries as so-called expatriates, predominantly in Singapore, China and USA.

For postings abroad we differentiate between short-term postings (up to 12 months) and long-term assignments (three to five years).

We take the individual family situations into particular account for long-term assignments. For example, we assume the international school fees for school-age children. And in 2011 we launched our Dual Career Program for couples in which both partners pursue responsible, career-oriented jobs. We provide financial support to the accompanying partner for a two year period. In addition we also support the integration into the local employment market. And finally, each accompanying partner is awarded a budget that he or she can use on an individual basis for further qualifications or placements.

Since the success of a foreign posting is heavily dependent on the inter-cultural sensitivity, each employee attends an individual, inter-cultural training course prior to departure that is oriented by the respective working context and conducted by a bi-national trainer team. This team is also available to the employee throughout the first 12 months of his/her posting to answer any questions that may arise.

The host countries organise various different leisure time activities for their expatriates; be it Lunch & Learns or weekend activities for the whole family.

LANXESS supports the employees when they return to their home countries with Re-integration Workshops, during which they can reflect on the foreign assignment with an inter-cultural coach and work out individual re-integration strategies.

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