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Remuneration & Additional Benefits

LANXESS rewards the employees' performance with an attractive and transparent remuneration system. In addition to basic salary we offer a variable bonus payment, which is measured against the corporate results . On top of this management staff have the opportunity to honour extraordinary performance by individual employees in a timely and non-bureaucratic way.

Our employees also benefit from ideas they have contributed themselves: Each employee can submit improvement suggestions and is rewarded, should the suggestion be adopted, with a bonus payment. This bonus system is a basic element of our Innovation Management Programme. We want our employees to make an important contribution to the corporate success with their ideas.

Safeguarding retirement flexibly

LANXESS also offers financial security for retirement – with comprehensive elements for retirement provisions. In addition to the base pension, there is the option of converting earnings into pension contributions (the so-called "Entgeltumwandlung"). The basic principle: Employees convert part of their gross income into additional company provisions – and LANXESS tops the contributions up with an employer's contribution.

On top of this we have created an instrument with the "long-term account" that enables employees to shape their transition into retirement on a more individual and flexible basis. Because not every employee wants to, or can, work up until the official retirement age. Credit is saved by both the employer and the employee over a period of time on the "long-term account" that can be used for a work-free period prior to retirement. As such, LANXESS pays an annual so-called "demographic contribution" onto the account, which the employees can supplement with voluntary contributions.

A share of the joint success

The monetary offers at LANXESS are complemented by other additional benefits as well. For example, all employees employed in Germany can purchase LANXESS shares as part of our Stock Programme – and thus have a share in the company's success. Since 2013 we also have an accident insurance policy for all employees covered by collective pay agreements in Germany. The policy covers the financial repercussions of accidents and is free of charge for our employees.