Evenly balanced: from the
home office to childcare

Work Life Balance

Work and private life at equilibrium

LANXESS supports all its employees in bringing their working and private affairs into balance. Our offerings range from flexible working hours and part-time work to home office options and childcare opportunities. New concepts and solutions for the work-life-balance are being added all the time.

For example, we launched our Senior Trainee Program in late 2012. With this programme, which is unique in Germany, we encourage academics - especially women - who wish to return to the workplace after staying at home to raise their families. The participants in the program are given, among other things, individual coaching and complete tailored further training courses.

Family-friendly? Of course!

The improved compatibility between work and family life is a further element of the XCare Program. One example here is our partnership with the Familienservice GmbH, an external service company offering diverse advisory and agency services. The experts from the Family Service give our employees free and individual advice on the subject of childcare. If, for example, an employee has to go on a business trip over the weekend or if the child minder falls ill – our Family Service can help and finds solutions to help the parents out.

Accommodating older relatives

Of course LANXESS supports all those employees with dependent relatives requiring care. In urgent cases, employees can arrange short-term leave of up to ten days. The so-called "part-time working model for nursing care" is an option for those who need more time to care for dependent relatives. On top of this our employees are also given advice and support by the Familienservice GmbH, for example in arranging nursing care places and services. We also offer special loans to finance nursing care.