The path to professional success: Our employees report

Experience Report

Tobias Nicke

Internal Auditor in the Group Function Internal Auditing

How I joined LANXESS:

I got to know LANXESS and the Internal Auditing department as part of a scientific cooperation project during my Bachelor's degree, and the opportunity arose for an internship.

Following experiences in other international corporations, I was very positively surprised by the time spent working for the still relatively unknown former MDAX company. Both the work as well as the team were so good that I signed my contract with LANXESS half way through my Master's degree.

Tobias Nicke

Internal Auditor

“The work with international colleagues is exciting and an opportunity to get to know foreign cultures from the inside.”

This is what I say to family & friends about my current responsibilities:

The objective of the Internal Auditing department is to support the company management in increasing the corporate value and ensuring that legal and ethical standards are upheld. We endeavour to do this in audits lasting several weeks at the over 50 LANXESS locations, by making ourselves familiar with the processes and procedures on site and showing the respective colleagues potential areas for improvement.

What makes my work at LANXESS special:

I get to know a new area of the company with every audit. Sometimes we audit specific issues on a company-wide basis, often in individual areas or different group functions such as purchasing, IT or accounting. By contrast, "general audits" are often conducted abroad, whereby over time you can make comparisons between the locations and drive the best practice exchange.

The learning curve and variation in the department is respectively high and I have got to know many interesting colleagues from throughout the entire LANXESS world. I also really enjoy the travelling. In my first year alone I visited different locations in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The work with international colleagues is exciting and an opportunity to get to know foreign cultures from the inside.

What makes my colleagues at LANXESS special:

The team is a colourful mix of ages and backgrounds. Very experienced colleagues often work with young lateral entrants from other companies and consultants or with beginners. Generally speaking, there is a kind of spirit of optimism, both from the time when the company split from Bayer in 2004 and especially last year when LANXESS became listed in the DAX. You can sense that the company management places great importance on maintaining this spirit of dynamics.

Three (or four!) words that describe LANXESS:

Always on the move.

My "special LANXESS moment":

There are lots of those. But definitely a leaving dinner with the management of an Argentinian subsidiary in Buenos Aires. Although we had badgered the colleagues for three whole weeks with questions as "auditors", the evening was very friendly – including the typical Argentinian kiss on the cheek when leaving. And then we met David Hasselhoff in the plane on the return flight, which is hard to beat …

What advice can I give a new colleague on his/her first day:

Even if it sounds old hat  – there is no such thing as a stupid question. In the audits I generally work with colleagues who know their specific areas much better than I do; if I weren't to ask "stupid" questions sometimes, I wouldn't get anywhere. I have never experienced an unpleasant situation because of this and until now the colleagues have always been open and willing to help.




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