The path to professional success: Our employees report

Experience Report

Valentin Stelzer

Process Engineer in the Group Function Innovation & Technology

How I joined LANXESS:

I joined LANXESS to write my final project as part of my degree. Towards the end of my degree I began looking for a topic for my final project in an industrial environment. I recalled a specialist presentation by LANXESS held at my university. I had remembered this particularity because it discussed the area I am most interested in, namely process development.

A short time later, I was working on my final university degree project for six months at LANXESS. This gave me the opportunity to gain a very good insight of both LANXESS as a company and the working environment there. And again, this was so positive that I applied for a direct entry job. The decision for LANXESS wasn't a difficult one to make.

Valentin Stelzer

Process Engineer

“The decision for LANXESS wasn't a difficult one to make.”

This is what I say to family & friends about my current responsibilities:

Imagine you have always only ever cooked for four people, but now you will always be cooking for eight, but aren't sure if your kitchen equipment is enough for the job. Then you can ask me to check and found out what you need to change.

I will then look to see, for example, if your pots are big enough, if your oven is powerful enough, if you need to change the recipe and if the dishwasher can cope with the dirty dishes afterwards. If you transfer this idea to a chemicals plant with all its sometimes large apparatus, then you know what I do. The only difference is that I cannot usually try things out easily, as you can in your kitchen at home. Instead I may have to use a simulation model on a PC.

What makes LANXESS special/unique for me?

The good working environment and the employee communications. You always know what's going on within the company.

What makes my colleagues at LANXESS special:

We are a pretty young team in our department and we all get along well. Each of us is open to new things and willing to support the others.

Three words that describe LANXESS:

High Performance Employer

My "special LANXESS moment":

During the European Soccer Championships in 2012 LANXESS invited all of its employees to a Public Viewing event in the LANXESS Arena, to watch the match Germany vs. The Netherlands. Each employee was allowed to bring additional guests, so the arena was completely full. It was brilliant fun and a great experience to keep our fingers crossed for the German team together. The atmosphere was amazing, especially because Germany won 2:1.

What advice can I give a new colleague on his/her first day:

Be open and don't pretend, there is something new to learn around every corner. Contribute with new ideas, even if these deviate from the norm initially.




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