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Chemistry is a subject that impacts all of us. So, what would it be like to have an influence here? There are many different paths for a career at LANXESS – we can show you them here.


We organise events such as the Girls' and Boys' Days and internships for pupils so that school children can learn more about the different career paths available and gain a first insight into the various professions.


With XOnce we offer motivated applicants the opportunity to qualify for training schemes either in the technical area or that of natural sciences.


Experience Reports

Michelle Bihn

Vocational Training: Chemical Technician

"What I like best about my training at LANXESS is the variety at work within the company. You always have to be ready to deal with different situations."


Daniel Mosch

Vocational Training: Electronic Technician for Automation Technology

“Highlights of my training were the saling trip with other apprentices across the North Sea and the project “the hot wire”.

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Marvin Fischenich

Dual Degree: Business Information Technology

"By choosing the dual course of studies I have completed both my vocational training and a Bachelor degree within a short period of time.“