What is it like to work for us?
Our employees can tell you

Experience Reports

Facts and figures say a lot about the jobs and training programes at LANXESS. But what working for a specialty chemicals company means on any everyday basis is something that is best conveyed and described by our employees. So our apprentices can tell you about how they experienced their start at work and what fascinates them about their work at LANXESS in their experience reports.


Michelle Bihn

Vocational Training: Chemical Technician

"What I like best about my training at LANXESS is the variety at work within the company. You always have to be ready to deal with different situations."


Daniel Mosch

Vocational Training: Electronic Technician for Automation Technology

“Highlights of my training were the saling trip with other apprentices across the North Sea and the project “the hot wire”.

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Janine Gohlke/Phillip Müller

Vocatinaol Training: Chemical Technician

"Am besten gefällt mir, dass man abwechselnde Tätigkeiten ausübt, da ich neben der Berufsschule sowohl Einsätze im Technikum als auch im Produktionsbetrieb habe."

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Dual Degree

Marvin Fischenich

Dual Degree: Business Information Technology

"By choosing the dual course of studies I have completed both my vocational training and a Bachelor degree within a short period of time.“