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Need some guidance? XOnce untangles the knot

In job interviews with school leavers, we often realize that they are actually mature enough to start with a vocational training. Actually. Only a few certain educational or personal prerequisites are missing to prevent them from making a start. So we have launched the XOnce Program to address precisely these cases.

Springboard for your further training

With XOnce we offer motivated applicants the opportunity every year, to qualify for further training courses in the technical or natural science areas – regardless of whether this training is undertaken externally or even at LANXESS.

How does this work? As part of the 12-month integration and support program we prepare the participants for specialist tasks and social skills for further training. They receive in-depth insight into exciting jobs in the chemicals industry – completely new work interests and outlooks often emerge during this phase in particular.

We take our responsibility seriously

Getting fit for the job, one step at a time: We address specialist subject deficits directly at the vocational school and in the practical periods on-site – in the laboratory, in production operations or in the workshop – this is where the participants learn about what to expect in everyday working life. Our employees and apprentices advise and help the teenagers here. After all, they know what matters in every profession and which personal and specialist skills are required. By the way: The participants also of course, earn a wage during this period.

Find your way into further vocational training with XOnce.

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