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DCS Operator


Liyang, 32, CN, 213364

Job Highlights

Please shortly describe the most important, appealing 5 to 8 tasks of this position:

  • 1. 负责监控精馏装置运行情况,发现设备运行异常,并及时汇报,确保精馏生产的安全稳定;

    Be responsible for monitoring the distillation facilities running status, identify the problems of equipments and report in time, make sure the distillation process in safety and stably;

    2. 负责监控各项工艺指标,发现工艺参数偏离并及时汇报,确保精馏依照工艺要求进行,确保产品质量;

    Be responsible for monitoring the process parameters, identify the departure and report in time, make sure the distillation process comply with the requirements for high quality product;

    3. 负责本岗位设备、设施、器材、器具的日常检查维护工作,确保状态完好和运行正常;

    Be responsible for the daily maintenance job, make sure the facilities are in good condition and running smoothly;

    4. 完成工作记录,尽早发现、确认并汇报可能的安全和工艺隐患,同时对风险做初步分析,提出纠正措施建议;

    Be responsible for making the work records, identify the safety & process hazards in time, make the primary analysis and the correction proposal;

    5. 严格遵守公司安全规定,佩戴安全防护用品,紧急安全事故在第一时间汇报并根据SOP采取适当处置措施;

    Strictly comply with the safety regulation, wear the PPE as required; Take appropriate actions according to SOP and report to superior immediately in case of any emergency;

    7. 完成上级交办的其他工作。

    Other jobs assigned by superiors.

Please enter up to 8 requirements –with at least 4 ‚must-haves‘ which are vital to fill out the job right from the beginning:

  • 教育背景Education:高中学历senior high school

    工作经验Experience:一年以上化工生产工作经验above 1 year in chemical production

    管理技能Management skills:无要求N/A

    语言能力Language Skills:会普通话can speak in mandarin

    电脑技能IT Skills:熟悉中控系统,会基本电脑操作familiar with DCS, basic PC skills


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