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Liyang, 32, CN, 213364

Job Highlights

Please shortly describe the most important, appealing 5 to 8 tasks of this position:

  • 确保精馏装置的正常运行,包括日常操作、正常开停车、事故处理等,确保生产任务的完成。

    Making sure the distillation facilities running smoothly, including daily operation, normal starting and shutdown, accident dealing etc., ensure to achieve the production target.


Please enter up to 8 requirements –with at least 4 ‚must-haves‘ which are vital to fill out the job right from the beginning:

  • 教育背景Education:高中学历senior high school

    工作经验Experience:三年以上化工生产工作经验above 3 years in chemical production

    管理技能Management skills:良好的沟通力和执行力good communication skill and executive ability

    语言能力Language Skills:普通话流利Fluent in mandarin

    电脑技能IT Skills基本的WordExcel应用能力basic skills of MS Word and Excel

    核心能力Core competency:熟悉基础化学工艺和缩合标准作业程序,较强的质量意识和生产工艺中质量控制技巧Familiar with basic chemical process and reaction SOP, strong quality sense and related means of quality control in production process


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