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Production Technician


Liyang, 32, CN, 213364

Job Highlights

Please shortly describe the most important, appealing 5 to 8 tasks of this position:

  • 1. 具体组织装置的生产与操作,确保装置在安全稳定状态下运行,达成生产目标;

    Be responsible for organizing the production and facility operation, make sure the facility running in safety to achieve production target;

    2. 在生产过程中严格按照ISO要求全面落实工艺要求,纠正工艺偏离,防范不当操作,提出工艺改进措施;

    Be responsible for fully implementing the production process, correct process departure, prevent incorrect operation and make the process improve suggestion;

    3. 积极组织配合检维修工作,督促班组成员做好设备、设施、器材、器具的检查维护工作,确保状态完好和运行正常;

    Be responsible for organizing the examination and maintenance of equipments, supervise employees finishing the maintenance job to ensure the facilities are in good condition and running smoothly;


    Participate on employee performance review, coach and help employee to make improvements;

    5. 按照ISO内部培训计划执行对生产员工关于ISO文件等培训,确保生产现场符合ISO要求;

    Conduct ISO related trainings according to internal training plan to make sure ISO compliance on site;

    6. 负责生产部所有ISO文档的收集、分析、编录、存档工作,负责生产数据平台的建立、维护和分析;

    Be responsible for the collection, analysis, extracting and achievement of all ISO document, be responsible for setting up, maintaining and analyzing production database;

    7. 完成上级交办的其他工作。

    Other jobs assigned by superiors.


Please enter up to 8 requirements –with at least 4 ‚must-haves‘ which are vital to fill out the job right from the beginning:

  • 教育背景Education:大专以上学历,化工类专业College degree and above, major in chemistry

    工作经验Experience:至少两年以上化工生产工作经验above 2 years in chemical production

    管理技能Management skills:良好的沟通力和执行力good communication skill and executive ability

    语言能力Language Skills:良好的英语能力Good in English

    电脑技能IT Skills 良好的WordExcel应用能力good skills of MS Word and Excel

    核心能力Core competency:熟悉化学工艺和标准作业程序,较强的质量意识和生产工艺中质量控制技巧Familiar with chemical process and SOP, strong quality sense and related means of quality control in production process


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