LANXESS products do everything from making trains safer and cars lighter to coloring the Eiffel tower and helping provide clean drinking water.

We are pleased that you are interested in a career at LANXESS, one of the leading global specialty chemicals companies.

Exciting jobs await you in 32 countries across the globe. Around 12,800 employees drive the company forward every day and contribute to our further growth and development. Come join our Team!

Apart from our job openings in Germany, India, China and the USA, we offer additional great job opportunities here. If you are interested in jobs in Belgium, then have a look here.

To access any positions in our newly acquired Vancouver and Kalama, Washington, USA sites, please click here.

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    From university to LANXESS and back! 
    Many paths lead to LANXESS, even during your studies. Find out more about your future opportunities at LANXESS.


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    Completed your degree? We are already waiting for you! 
    LANXESS offers promising career opportunities for young academics. Take a look at our job offers!


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    You want to take ownership and discover new and exciting opportunities? LANXESS offers a wide range of career opportunities for professionals, nationally and internationally. Take a look and join our team!


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    “Your compensation matters to us.”

    We offer competitive and market-based compensation. This includes the base salary, several bonus programs which allow you to share in our company’s success and other compensation components to show our appreciation for your work.

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    “Your flexibility and work-life balance matters to us.”

    Our flexible Xwork benefits encourage and enable balance through collaboration creating custom solutions for you. Flex work includes mobile working, flexible working time models such as flex time or trust based working time and new forms of work design.

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    “Your personal and professional growth matters to us.”

    We believe that our employees are our most important assets and therefore offer a number of personal development measures such as leadership training, mentoring and coaching to enable you to achieve your full potential.  We support your advanced education through various programs.

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    “Your family and health matters to us.”

    We offer extensive support in the forms of care for family members to help balance your professional and private lives.  We create a healthy working environment for you and promote your physical and mental performance through a wide range of health offers.

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